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The Future of CoLT & Googlebar Lite

August 24, 2015

It has been quite some time since the last releases of either CoLT or Googlebar Lite, and a lot has changed in the land of Firefox extension development. In a few weeks, Firefox will require all extensions to be signed. At the moment, neither of my extensions (as available from this website, at least) meet this requirement.

The Firefox extension world is increasingly becoming a walled garden, much like every other browser today. As such, I’ve made the frustrating decision to release my extensions through the official add-ons site only. This policy will begin with the next release of each extension, which I hope to make available in the next month or so.

In addition, the next releases of both Googlebar Lite and CoLT are likely to be my last. I’m not as interested in Firefox development as I once was, especially given some of the frustrating plans they have announced for the ecosystem. This unfortunately means that support for the multi-process version of Firefox that is coming down the pipeline will not be implemented (at least by me).

If you’re a developer and want to contribute either bug fixes or new features for my extensions, you are more than welcome to do so (merge requests are always appreciated). The source code for both is available via GitHub:


  1. Suddenly today, the search function in Googlebar Lite doesn’t work for me. Enter the search term, click search, and Firefox 40.0.3 just opens a new blank page, or, if a search has been run previously, the last search results page.
    I updated to FF 40.0.3 yesterday, but I didn’t notice this behavior until today, September 1, when the new Google logo stuff rolled. FF 40.0.3 is the more likely culprit, but quien sabe?

  2. What settings do you have set in your install of Googlebar Lite? I’m primarily interested in what’s set on the “General” and “Search History” tabs in the Googlebar Lite options dialog. GBL still works for me, and I’m running 40.0.3.

  3. Hello,

    I’ve had exactly same problem, the new logo appears and the GBL disapear oO

    Here’s my option for “Search History” and “General” tabs:

    Sorry if my english is not correct, I’m a french guy ^^

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