About This Site

Online since late 2004, Born Geek the personal website of Jonah Bishop. We used to offer Firefox software and development resources, but we don’t do that anymore (and who even uses Firefox anymore?).

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Meet the Author

I currently work for Lenovo where I develop web-based productivity tools for the data-center group. Prior to this position, I helped develop test tools to validate the x86 server hardware that Lenovo (and, previously, IBM) made. Programming is a hobby of mine, though I don’t program for pleasure as often as I once did. Several of my non-computing related interests include photography, music, and hiking, especially at any of North Carolina’s many state parks.

My Photography

My personal photos live on their own sub-domain here at Born Geek. The software I use to power my photo album, which I have lovingly dubbed “Monkey Album”, is a custom creation. It is written using PHP and MySQL and is, to some extent, modeled after a third-party album package I once employed. I consider Monkey Album to be a work in progress, so don’t be surprised if you eventually see a new feature or two.

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