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Sunset of Googlebar Lite

Published on April 6, 2017

As of today, I am officially withdrawing my development support for the Googlebar Lite Firefox extension. I’m aware that the extension no longer works well in the latest builds of Firefox, and I have absolutely no desire to fix them. Mozilla’s development environment has gotten pretty irritating as of late, and I just don’t have the cycles (or the drive) to fix the issues that exist.

The future of Firefox add-ons lies in WebExtensions, and toolbar support in that arena is pretty bare-bones (last I looked). The default Firefox search box meets most needs, which has motivated me to drop this extension.

For those that are so-inclined, I will accept pull requests at the official googlebarlite repo. Or, you can fork the project and roll your own.

Born Geek on GitHub

Published on March 21, 2014

I have uploaded the source of both CoLT and Googlebar Lite to GitHub:

This should make it way easier for folks to submit new ideas and bug reports for each extension, provide patches (if you feel so inclined), and view sample code for Firefox extension development. I’ve already posted a few issues to the CoLT repo, and a number should be appearing for Googlebar Lite as well.

Encrypted Google Search

Published on July 8, 2010

I’m currently working on adding secure search support to the next release of Googlebar Lite. This new feature complicates things slightly when using a non-default, top-level domain (, for example). Google’s encrypted search feature is not available for all search types, and is currently only available via one domain: As such, here is how the new option in Googlebar Lite will work when enabled:

  • For search types that support encrypted search, all queries will be sent to the encrypted domain. Your custom top-level domain (if you have one selected) will be ignored.
  • For search types that do not support encrypted search, all queries will be sent to the top-level domain of your choice.

I want to make this option’s behavior as clear as possible before I release the extension, which I hope to get around to doing in the next week or two.

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