Firefox Title Tooltip Bug

Sep 14, 2007

One nice thing about the xkcd web comic, is that each comic's image has an additional joke or tidbit of information hidden away in an HTML title attribute. Hover your mouse over it for a second or two, and you'll see the joke. Sometimes, the text is fairly lengthy, as in this example. Unfortunately, Firefox only shows one line of text in a title tooltip, so any lengthy amounts of text get cut off with an ellipsis.

Thankfully, bug 218223 was filed way back in 2003 (as a Firebird equivalent of a bug posted in 2000). Now, 7 years later, a fix has been implemented. Firefox 3.0 will include this fix, much to my delight. This just might be enough to make me switch to the alpha builds of 3.0 for my daily browsing habits.

Update: I've found an extension that fixes this problem. Woo-hoo!



4:58 PM on Nov 16, 2007
Thanks for posting this! I only recently noticed the xkcd alt tags and yesterday started reading from the beginning, and after I got tired of looking at the source code for the truncated tags, I switched to IE. It felt dirty, and then the third strip was this one: And that's when I realized I needed to get help.


5:56 PM on Apr 16, 2008
What genius thought that cutting off tooltips would be a good idea??

Bob Stein

11:57 AM on Jul 12, 2008
Thanks for this! I found it googling for the problem, and I had the same motivation (xkcd). (Hmm, it's either not discussed in the xkcd forums, or not described as ellipsis.) I am downloading Firefox 3 now. An easier workaround than View|Source is right-click|Properties. Then the tooltip appears in a popup dialog that can be stretched so you see the entire thing.
[...] over the vertical scrollbar I can see the damn thing. Apparently there has been some history of tooltip strangeness with Firefox in the past but I haven’t really delved into it too [...]

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