A Gaming Milestone

Sep 13, 2007

Among all of the computer games I have ever played, one game has stumped me for as long as I have played it: the "Expert" difficulty level of Minesweeper. I have never, to my knowledge, beaten the game at that level, though I've tried a number of times. Granted, Minesweeper is a game that I rarely play, but you would think that I could have beaten the Expert level by now.

I'm happy to say that I've finally conquered this foe. Here's my result:

Cleared in 376 seconds



1:23 PM on Sep 14, 2007
If you've not seen it, Minesweeper The Movie is pretty funny. It's NSFW though, so be careful (at least I think it's NSFW.. I can't view it from work to confirm that, because the website is blocked by our proxy.. but given the originating site it's probably got some language you don't want the boss to hear).


2:54 PM on Sep 14, 2007
I had indeed seen that, and it's really funny. Watching it again, it looks like it is SFW ... I didn't pick up on any foul language. Besides, I've got my super awesome headphones to listen through.
"What do we do now?!?" "We guess!"
It's funny because it's true.

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