My Favorite xkcd Comics

Sep 15, 2007

Earlier today I mentioned the xkcd web comic. If you aren't familiar with the comic, I highly recommend it. It's well worth subscribing to or bookmarking. I've gone through all of the comics, and have compiled a list of my favorites. Make sure you read the hidden jokes in each strip, by hovering over them with your mouse for the title attribute. Enjoy:



6:37 PM on Sep 16, 2007
I love xkcd too, there are so many great comics there. I printed out the "Compiling" comic and it now adorns by cubicle wall. Another personal favorite is The Difference. I'm surprised the map of online communities was left off your list. I also like the obsessive velociraptor-phobia, it reminds me a lot of Stephen Colbert's feelings towards bears. I also e-mailed my mother-in-law, who teaches math, the Certainty comic. She liked it.


11:07 PM on Sep 16, 2007
One other great thing about the comic is that they are transcribed (for blind users). How cool is that? Searching for comics is the only way I can see the transcriptions, but there must be link somewhere around the site. Here's an example.


12:47 PM on Sep 17, 2007
Actually the transcriptions are probably done by readers. Oh No Robot, the comic transcription page, is a project by Ryan North, who writes Dinosaur Comics (and is also the guy behind the hilarious Every Topic In The Universe Except Chickens).

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