How Adobe Can Shift Apple

Apr 11, 2010

There has been quite a bit of news recently on the escalating war of words between Adobe and Apple. For the uninformed, Apple has essentially said "no Flash, ever" for either the iPhone or iPad, and Adobe has been pretty upset (rightfully so, in my opinion). Adobe employees have publicly denounced Apple, and Apple has fired back. It's all been a sort of "playground dispute" so far.

Let me first say that I don't love either company; they both have pretty serious failings in my eyes. But, in the end, I despise Adobe much less than I do Apple, so I'd love to see Adobe come out on top if at all possible. It occurred to me just the other day how Adobe could "get back" at Apple for this latest Flash debacle.

Simply put: Adobe should drop all OS X support for all of their future products. "If your OS won't support our products, our products won't support your OS." Just think about it: all of the artsy folks in the world who use Adobe products use them on Apple branded computers. Cutting them off might seriously impact Apple's new OS sales (and, admittedly, would probably hurt Adobe's bottom line, at least in the short term). But this seems like serious leverage to me. Granted, Apple's main revenue stream these days comes via the iPhone, but OS sales are still a vital piece of their puzzle. Putting the squeeze on a big vein like that might make Apple change its mind.

As this bickering continues, I can only hope that Android continues to grab market share. Could the iPhone vs. Android war turn into the Apple vs. IBM war from the 1980s? I can only hope so...

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