Website Email Headaches

Apr 8, 2010

I've recently had a perfect storm of email woes here at this site. Last month, my email servers changed at DreamHost (for reasons I still don't fully understand), breaking all of my approved SSL certificates (not to mention my SMTP settings). Around the same time, I updated to Thunderbird 3.0 from 2.x. The new interface is bizarre, and I've only had problems from day one of the upgrade. As such, I am now actively working towards moving all of Born Geek's email (including this website) to GMail.

Unfortunately, someone is apparently squatting on my domain over at Google Apps. I attempted to reset the account password there, but no secondary email address is on record, making things much more difficult for me. I have started a manual password reset process (via proving to Google that I do indeed own the domain), and hope to have things up and running by this weekend.

Long story short, any direct emails sent to me through the contact form at this website may not be answered for a while. Please bear with me during this painful process.



4:02 PM on Apr 17, 2010
I understand your frustrations, but alas I am not sure moving to GMail is the solution. I have been pretty heavily dependent on them for the past year or so and while the outages were few, they were long and always during business hours. The fact that you might be using thuderbird with it is good because a few of the outages only affected the web front-end, and so having tbird setup would help, but I am not sure what the best option is these days. Using Google Apps on my domain has been ok, but they do not seem interested in moving the rest of their services to it or in offering more info during outages. DH is spotty like this, but great in most other respects...


5:48 PM on Apr 17, 2010
I actually ended up having to configure email forwarding from my Born Geek accounts (I couldn't get Google Apps to work with my domain). As of right now, I've stopped using Thunderbird altogether, and I only use the web front end. Strangely enough, I've never experienced the outages you've mentioned. Nothing coming through either of my Born Geek accounts is critical enough to warrant 100% up-time.

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