Zeldman on URL Shortening

Published on August 10, 2009

Jeffrey Zeldman has written an interesting article on URL shortening and, more specifically, how he rolled his own using a plugin for WordPress. He also points to an excellent article written by Joshua Schachter, describing the benefits and pitfalls of link shortening utilities. Both articles are worthy reads. I suggest reading Joshua’s article before Jeffrey’s.

Do you use URL shortening services? I mainly use bit.ly at Twitter, mostly because that’s what everyone else seemed to use. Have you found some services to be better than others?



Not sure if you know this, but Twitter will automatically shorten long links (more than 20 characters I think). You don’t have to go to bit.ly and shorten it yourself.

Other than Twitter, I don’t see any reason why they are necessary, except in the odd case that you are giving the URL over the phone, or writing it on paper or something.


I didn’t know you could paste the full link in Twitter. I’ve always gone to bit.ly and done it manually. Huzzah for shortcuts!

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