Washing Machine Vibration Reduction

Aug 10, 2009

When I moved into my house last year, I bought an LG front-load washing machine. Having never owned or operated a front-load washer, I didn't quite know what to expect. For those who don't already know, front-load washing machines typically spin clothes at a very high rate of speed (mine tops out at 1050 RPM), removing a large amount of excess water in the process. This high speed spin process usually results in substantial vibration. The problem is compounded when the washer is located in an upstairs room (as mine is), and not on a solid, ground level floor (I've read that concrete floors are ideal).

Not knowing about this at the time, I was really surprised to see that my entire house vibrated when I washed a load of laundry. The shaking and noise got bad enough that I decided to look into solutions to the problem. I read some about vibration reducing pads online, and picked up a set at a local home improvement store (for about $30, if I remember correctly). After installing the pads with the help of my dad, I noted an improvement in the amount of vibration in the floor. However, the vibration was still bad enough to cause some sympathetic vibrations in my dryer (a major source of noise, oddly enough). Also, these pads were flat on top, so the washer tended to 'walk' off of them when a load was particularly unbalanced. Like before, the problem became bad enough to look for another solution.

I found another pair of pads online that had good reviews, and picked up a set (here's a link: Good Vibrations Washing Machine Pads). These pads are round, not square like the others I had bought, and have a recessed area for the foot of the washing machine.

Wow! Not only does the washer no longer walk off of the pads (thanks to that recessed area), but the vibration in the floor has been reduced by what seems like an order of magnitude! My dryer no longer suffers from "sympathetic-vibration-syndrome," and the entire wash cycle is noticeably quieter. A set of four pads are $36.95 as of this writing (plus shipping). The sellers accept PayPal, so if you've got some money stored up (like I did, thanks to a recent donation to Born Geek), you can pick up a set pretty easily.

If you've got a front-load washer and have issues with large vibrations, I recommend the "Good Vibrations" pads. They work remarkably well.



3:14 AM on Aug 10, 2009
We have a front loader too, got it after we bought a house. The Sears guy that installed it told us it had to be very precisely leveled to keep from vibrating, and not to try to move it ever again unless we were moving out of the house. We haven't had any vibration problems, so I guess he did a good job leveling it (we do have it on the first floor though.)


1:45 PM on Aug 10, 2009
Yes, I forgot to mention the importance of leveling the washer. Mine is level from side to side, and nearly level front to back (it's about a half-bubble of level off, with the front lower than the back). I'm pretty sure I've read that washers like to be a little biased towards the front of the machine; either way, my problem has abated.


4:37 PM on Feb 28, 2010
I tried the "Good Vibrations" pads but they we huge and bulky. They stuck out from under the washing machine so you could see them. That would have been okay except for the fact that they were a discolored gray that kinda looked like they were stained or moldy. I ended up using a different pad call Silent Feet from Vibration Solution which was smaller so I couldn't even see it once it was installed. It worked just as well and the gloss black color looked much more pleasing.


6:08 PM on Feb 28, 2010
I agree that the pads aren't the prettiest things in the world. However, because my washing machine sits in a pan, I can't see them. The biggest plus to me of these pads was the recessed area that prevents the machine from walking off of them.


8:32 PM on Dec 23, 2010
Do you think the pads would work better than an anti-vibration rubber mat? We also have the same issue with the entire house vibrating so we need to get the best thing out there.


11:00 PM on Dec 23, 2010
I can't speak for the rubber mats, as I've never tried one. All I know is that the pads I bought are still working great. One benefit I can think of for the pads is that, if the pan that the washer sits in ever fills up with water, there would be less of a chance of an overflow. An unlikely scenario, but one that I can think of off the top of my head.

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