Hanging Rock Photo Album

Oct 16, 2007

It's taken me many weeks, but I have finally posted a new photo album of a family trip to Hanging Rock State Park, an outing we took at the beginning of the month for my birthday. I hope you enjoy the photos.

Note that there are two panorama shots in this album, both of which turned out fairly decent. I need to work on my panorama skills, and I'd like my album software to be able to dynamically link to high-res variants of a specific photo (a feature it currently does not support). For now, the links to the larger image are presented in the caption.

6:16 PM on Oct 16, 2007
Jonah, (I wish I could comment on your individual photos) when I first went to Hanging Rock, (a boy scout camping trip), we hiked on up to the top on saturday afternoon, and let me tell you what happened. I was standing right about where the visitor is in this photo and i'm just looking out trying to see if i can see Charlotte or anything i recognize in the distance (it was a similar gorgeous, not extremely clear day), and all of a sudden this arm stretches up over the edge of the rock and this bare hand grasps the rock i'm standing on, and this woman with these really neat green nike open sole climbing shoes (couldn't find an image on the web anywhere) climbs over the edge! it was amazing! anyway, very nice pics, thanks for sharing, Michael
9:08 PM on Oct 16, 2007
Wow; what a story! Seeing that hand come over the edge would have startled me to no end, until I realized what was going on. I'd like to add per-photo comments to my photo album software at some point. A while back, I even started work on that particular feature, but ran into a number of roadblocks in my design (things like spam control and user cookies). Hopefully I can get around to adding this in the future.
10:26 PM on Oct 16, 2007
nice pics!!! i still haven't mailed your present. :-( i promise i will this week.
11:26 PM on Oct 16, 2007
You'd better! It's still my birthday you know ... my balloon is still flying high (though it's starting to look a little slack).
4:36 PM on Oct 17, 2007
What's funny is that I'm so used to seeing shallow focus used in computer-generated images that my first response to this image (and the one before it) was that it looked fake.
7:40 PM on Oct 17, 2007
Those two particular photos (the first one especially) are among my favorites from the set.
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