Portal Review

Oct 18, 2007

I've played through Portal a couple of times now, and I thought I'd post my thoughts on the game. Along with Half-Life 2: Episode 2, this was one of the two items I was most looking forward to in The Orange Box. My review of Episode 2 will come later this week, as I have only played through it once, and I'd like to give it at least one more going-over (I can't wait to write about it though; there's so much I want to talk about). For now, let's talk Portal.

The Good

Hilarious Dialogue
The dialogue in the game is well written and very funny. The writer's should be very proud of themselves; few games are of this caliber. One downside to this is the fact that GLaDOS's voice can be a little difficult to understand at times. I highly recommend turning on subtitles when you play through the game the first time; it will make understanding her much easier.
Innovative Gameplay
Portal is such a unique concept. Although Prey used the portal concept, it wasn't nearly as well executed as in this game. Being able to shoot entry and exit portals nearly anywhere you want is a really great touch. I can't wait to see where Valve will choose to use this technology again.
Ties to the Half-Life Universe
The storyline in Portal is loosely related to the Half-Life universe. In fact, having played through both this game and Episode 2, I am beginning to wonder if we won't be seeing Portal technology in Episode 3. The ties between these two games may be stronger than is now apparent, and only time will tell how closely they are related.
Interestingly enough, the PC version of Portal includes Achievements (as most X-Box 360 games do). This is a nice addition to the gameplay, and it will be interesting to see if Valve continues to include this idea in future titles.
End Credits
Best end credits sequence ever! And an accompanying song by Jonathan Coulton seals the deal.

The Bad

Short Gameplay
Portal is only about two to three hours long, which is a bit of a disappointment. The advanced levels and level challenges (shortest time, fewest portals, fewest steps) add a little replayability, as does the developer commentary (which is highly entertaining). But the main storyline is short (though the twist in the storyline is highly entertaining). Once you've solved the main puzzles, and you make it past the storyline twist, there's little reason to play through again.
Easy Difficulty
The majority of the puzzles seemed quite easy. I didn't truly feel challenged until test 15 out of 19, and though the last few levels were a challenge, I never found myself hopelessly stumped. The advanced levels are much more challenging (and stumped me for a while), but there are only 6 of them. Hopefully more will appear over time.

Bad points aside, I can't recommend this game highly enough. As a part of The Orange Box, it's an even greater deal. This is definitely a title you should pick up this year. You won't regret it.



2:45 AM on Oct 19, 2007
I saw today that you can buy portal separately for like $20 http://www.steampowered.com/v/index.php but i'm new to all this valve steam so i don't know if that's an official site.


1:38 PM on Oct 19, 2007
That is indeed the official site, and I saw that you could get Portal for $20. Episode 2 (by itself) was $30. Instead of buying them both separately at $50, I decided to go with the better deal and get five games (two of which I already owned) for $50 (The Orange Box). What weird marketing...


2:05 AM on Dec 17, 2007
Yes weird marketing indeed. almost like if your a buisness and "buy in bulk" i suppose. i havn't played this game yet thought. i've seen pleantly of trailers, and one thing tha i like, is that no matter how many i watch, i can't figure out the story line to specific points. i can't wait to paly, and plan on buying this game eventually (hopefully soon) P.S. The orange box comes with chapters 1 and 2. if you buy "half life 2" does it come with both? i brought half life 2 for about 30$ like he posted above, but i don't know if it's both.


2:56 AM on Dec 25, 2007
If you buy Half-Life 2, I believe that you only get Half-Life 2; the 'episodes' don't come with it as far as I know.

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