Swish Day

Jan 11, 2007

A coworker and I were recently reminiscing about our elementary school days, and we brought up something that I hadn't thought about in years. Does anyone here remember "Swish Day" at their school? You know, the day when the teacher would bring out the big bottle of mouthwash, dispense it into little plastic cups, and make you swish it around in your mouth? They said it was "bubble gum" flavored, but in actuality, it tasted nothing like anything you've ever had before.

Searching the web doesn't yield many hits on swish, but I know it's something we did. Does anyone else remember this? If so, feel free to share your memories.



3:32 AM on Jan 11, 2007
first time poster i have never heard of this, never happened in any school i went to did you have to swallow after swishing, what was the reason for it. p.s go nintendo


2:38 PM on Jan 11, 2007
This may be something only done in the south, I have only seen it in NC. Swish was not done in PA when I was going to school there. If you did have Swish Day, let us know what state it was in. You did not swallow the swish after you were done. You were handed a napkin with your tiny cup of swish. When you were done "swishing" you would spit it back into the cup and place your napkin in the cup to absorb most of it. Kids in the class would have to take turns walking around with the trash can to collect all of the spit cups. Good times.


3:16 PM on Jan 11, 2007
We did that, like once a week maybe? I too had completely forgotten about it. You didn't swallow it, you spit it back into your cup. It was for oral hygiene, I think it had fluoride and/or some kind of very weak antiseptic (it didn't burn like Listerine or anything).


3:18 PM on Jan 11, 2007
(I was in North Carolina too)


4:12 PM on Jan 11, 2007
I forget how often we did it at my school (in good ol' Fuquay-Varina, NC), but I don't recall doing it on a weekly basis.


5:36 PM on Jan 11, 2007
Maybe it was less frequent than that. I had forgotten about going around with the trash can too. My aunt is a dental hygienist for the state, she was the one in our county that would come to your class once or twice a year and look at everyone's teeth. Maybe she'll know something about swish day.. if I remember to ask her about it. A Google search for "mouth rinse program" returns hits from all over the country (just judging from the .xx.us domains). A search for "swish day" mostly returned people using "swish" as an adjective (i.e. "have a swish day!"). I've never heard of such a usage of the word "swish" myself..


5:54 PM on Jan 11, 2007
Remember the kids who never understood what to do, and who would drink the swish like it was some sort of drink? That was so great.


12:26 AM on Mar 2, 2007
Ugh... you must've lived in NC. I'm from Charlotte and we had to do Swish. When I was in Kindergarten (1985) it was green... then one day for Valentine's day they introduced "pink" coloured Swish and it stayed pink from then on out. Ugh... even thinking about that taste gives me a headache.

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