Yoshi’s Island DS and Meteos Reviews

Jan 8, 2007

Over the holidays I had the chance to finally beat Yoshi's Island DS. I also got Meteos for Christmas, and have had a substantial amount of time with it. As such, here are my two short reviews of both games.

Yoshi’s Island DS (A-) This 'sequel' to Yoshi's Island for the Super Nintendo is faithful to the original, while adding enough new features to feel fresh. Introducing multiple babies for Yoshi to carry around (subsequently giving him new abilities) was an interesting idea that works well. My only real problem with this game was that a number of the later levels are ridiculously difficult. I don't recall the original Yoshi's Island being so tough, but I played it a long time ago, so I only have the vaguest recollection. I had to play through several levels 20 or 30 times to get past them. Needless to say, this quickly got frustrating. Sounds, graphics, and gameplay are all top-notch, however, so this gripe pales in comparison. Overall a great game, and worth your time. I only wish one could trade their extra lives for red coins, stars, or flowers in each level; getting 100% in some of the levels is nearly impossible!

Meteos (A-) This puzzle game is reminiscent of Tetris (as are most puzzle games), but it's use of the stylus is incredible. In fact, I consider this a 'stylus-only' game, even though you can play with the D-pad and buttons. The goal of the game is to launch falling Meteos back into space by lining them up in groups of three, either vertically or horizontally. Each planet that you play through has different gravity and so varying strategies must be employed to succeed. For example, some planets require that you create secondary ignitions of launched Meteos by lining up another set of three or more in the air. This game is fast paced, fun, and highly addictive. For a few days after I got it, I actually spent time thinking about ways I could line up items in the real world in groups of three or more. It's been a long time since a game has affected me in such a way, which should be a testament to how addicting this game is.

Does anyone have any recommendations for games I should get next? Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime is currently on my list. What else should I get?



1:22 AM on Jan 8, 2007
I second you on the uneven difficulty of Yoshi's Island. I'm the type who wants to get 100% on every level before going on to the next level, which I am able to do on the original game (not counting some of the bonus levels which take 20-30 tries to get 100% sometimes.. but they are supposed to be like that). This made me a little apathetic about the game, so I'm still stuck somewhere in world 2.. I think it was level 2-3 that took me more tries than I wanted to use to get 100%, since then I have been reluctant to play. :-/


1:40 AM on Jan 8, 2007
One thing that really irks me about the 100% stuff, is that some of the red coins are only available for a short window of time. Those "fly-guys" or whatever they are occasionally hold a red coin, but they disappear (for good) after only a few seconds. If you don't get it immediately, you're out of luck.


3:07 PM on Jan 29, 2007
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