Content Management Woes

Oct 27, 2005

I recently stated that I was looking at adding site search capability to Born Geek. And I have indeed been looking, but the solutions I have been able to find are (at least on the surface) somewhat lacking. As such, I have been giving a great deal of thought to moving Born Geek to a more automated content management system.

This blog is powered by WordPress (a great piece of software by the way), which is geared more towards dynamic web content. Seeing as the majority of Born Geek's web content is static, I don't think WordPress is the best fit. I have spent some time looking at potential solutions, but it's so hard to decide what would best fit my needs. I definitely want something that produces well structured XHTML markup, using CSS for the presentation (web-standards are a must). Perhaps Movable Type is a decent solution, but it's not free (although a free-version is available). Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Jay Allen

1:49 AM on Nov 1, 2005
From what you've said of your needs, I would guess that Movable Type is an excellent solution. Our Features page gives you a glance at what you can expect from Movable Type. We are absolutely rabid and dedicated to web standards and our robust Plugin API has spawned hundreds of awesome plugins through which you can completely change the way Movable Type operates. In addition, we have the best tech support in the business and it's free to all paid licensees. You can download the free version to test it out as there are no restrictions of features or time-limits. The only difference is the license you choose and the free version may suit you just fine if you are the only author and don't need technical support. Let me know if you have any questions. Take care!

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