Going Once, Going Twice

Oct 25, 2005

I occasionally watch any number of items up for auction at eBay (most recently, they've all been auctions for Prince Valiant books). And, almost as frequently, I forget to actually bid on the items I'm watching. This happened just today as I was watching five separate auctions, all of which ended this evening. When I left work, I reminded myself to check the items once I got home. Several hours after I actually got home, and well after the items had closed, I remembered my reminder to myself.

I would eventually like to write some sort of Perl script that would do the bidding for me. But, unfortunately, this would involve HTML scraping (the eBay API doesn't support bidding, for obvious reasons). Such a script would involve a little more work than I'm willing to put into it at the moment, although it would be a neat project to work on. If you know of any (preferably free) services that automatically bid, let me know.

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