A Real Classy Guy

Sep 17, 2005

Scott Berkun used to work for Microsoft on the Internet Explorer web browser. So if there is anyone around who can appreciate the machinery behind the web browsing experience, it's him. Scott recently switched to using Firefox as his primary web browser (his article explains why he made the change). But more interestingly, he provides several things he sees wrong with Firefox. Several of his points are right on target (there is some broken-ness in the Firefox world), and several of his points are a little off the mark (a few of his problems can be solved with extensions).

But Scott has class. He recently posted a followup article, clarifying a number of questions raised by the first one. In it, he admits that after he heard from a number of Firefox users, he saw that some of his views warranted another look. And he also (correctly) points out that there is still inherit broken-ness in the browsing world as a whole. Thanks for an insightful post, Scott. And here's to your switch to Firefox: you won't regret it.

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[...] Scott Berkun made some news by both switching to Firefox and making a few well thought out complaints about the UI. Since he is a UI designer and designed much of IE’s UI, he’s definately worth giving some credit. He’s since posted a followup to his original. Year of the Code Monkey has a reply as well as Asa. Definately worth a read, whether your interested in Firefox or just UI design. [...]

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