Sublime Text Package Settings

May 16, 2024

I've mentioned once before some of the packages I use in Sublime Text, but it's also useful to keep track of the customized settings I use in a few of them. This post will help me track that kind of thing.


I like WinMerge for doing visual diffs, so that's what I configure here.

    "cmd": ["C:\\Program Files (x86)\\WinMerge\\WinMergeU.exe", "$file1", "$file2"]


I like seeing my diagnostic counts in the status bar.

  "show_diagnostics_count_in_view_status": true,


To stay current, I use a custom installation path, which I can keep up to date with the latest release.

    "initializationOptions": {
        "globalSettings": {
            "logLevel": "info",
            "path": ["C:\\Python\\Python31203\\Scripts\\ruff.exe"],
            "interpreter": ["C:\\Python\\Python31203\\python.exe"]


Just the vanilla parser for me, thanks.

    "enabled_parsers": ["markdown"]


This config adds a few extra locations to ignore when looking for TODOs:

    "exclude_folders": [

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