Good Old Music - Vol. 5

Aug 18, 2023

Until recently, I knew next to nothing about Alice Cooper's music. I'd heard School's Out and No More Mister Nice Guy on the radio, but that was the extent of my knowledge. Alice is back in the news with a forthcoming album, so I figured I'd check out some of his music. I'm glad I did! Lots of his albums are particularly good, including Killer (I can't embed the videos here on this site, stupidly, so the link to the album playlist will have to suffice). There are some great tracks on this album: Halo of Flies (my favorite), Under My Wheels, and Dead Babies.

Billion Dollar Babies is an equally as good (if not better) album, as is his first solo effort Welcome to My Nightmare. I recommend checking them all out if you're not familiar.

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