Aging Hardware

Dec 15, 2022

The December round of updates from Microsoft has toasted my desktop computer. For some reason, the system enters a blue screen loop of death on boot. I've been able to restore to a previous system restore point, but now Chrome, Brave, and other applications don't work. I may try reinstalling Windows from scratch to see if I can limp along a little more, but it looks as though it's time for new hardware.

My current motherboard, CPU, memory, and primary SSD were all purchased in August of 2014; over 8 years ago! The graphics card I'm using is nearly 6 years old (purchased in January 2017). I'm not sure how old my power supply and case are; they're old enough that I can't find emails stating when I bought them. The case particularly needs to be replaced; it's fairly noisy (though, back in the day, it was a stellar case).

Upgrading computer hardware is generally a headache (there are too many options to wade through!), but the end result is worth the effort.

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1:37 PM on Dec 15, 2022

You need a new OS! Linux for the win!

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