On Human Curation

Jul 27, 2022

A recent article at The Verge entitled Adam Mosseri confirms it: Instagram is over got me thinking about content curation. One of the article's arguments revolves around how "the algorithm" is partially to blame for Instagram's slow demise. I'm not an Instagram user, but I do use YouTube, which has similar problems. The home page of YouTube is skewed by what "the algorithm" thinks I want to see. Most of the time, it's surprisingly bad at predicting what I might be interested in. One of my major gripes is that it often suggests things I've already watched.

What I'd love is for more platforms to offer human curation. Something along the lines of kottke.org (which I happened to be a late-comer to; kottke.org is currently on hiatus). I claim that human curated content, done correctly, would outperform any algorithmic means currently employed.

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