Wordle Helper

Feb 23, 2022
Note that this has been replaced by a newer version.

I've been enjoying Wordle, despite the transition to The New York Times (I expect the game to disappear behind the paywall sometime in the near future). Some of the variants of Wordle have also been enjoyable, my favorite among them being Quordle.

One strategy I've used as I've played over the past few weeks is to use a text-editor to keep track of the letters I know are valid, along with their positions. This aids me in figuring out potential words to guess, and others to rule out. Being the programmer that I am, I turned this manual process into a tiny, self-contained web application:

Wordle Helper Screenshot

You enter the characters you know are present in the word in the top box. As you learn about the positions of each character, you also fill in that information. In the example shown above, the word I'm trying to guess is "power." I know the o is in the second position, and I know the w is not in the first position. The resulting choices set at the bottom of each column helps me figure out what it might be.

It was fun to put together this tiny little script.

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