Office Chairs

Sep 23, 2021

I've been fortunate during this pandemic to be able to work from home the entire time. It has only recently occurred to me, however, that my current setup is lousy when it comes to comfort. My desk is the same one I've had since my college days, and the chair I use is a hand-me-down from my wife (which is a step up from the crappy cheap one I used to own). Why am I putting up with this?

My ideal desk would be a standing model, if for no other reason than to provide some height adjustability; my current desk is a fixed height, and it's rather low down in my opinion. The ideal chair, however, is harder for me to pin down. Should it have a head rest? Arm rests? Mesh or padded backing?

If you're reading this, what kind of chair do you use? Where can one go to try out office chairs before you buy? I don't recall seeing these in furniture stores, and office supply stores (as I recall) only carry the cheap stuff.

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11:36 PM on Sep 23, 2021

I got the ErgoChair 2 and it is pretty good. As I recall it was highly rated.

My desk is the UpLift.

I like them both.

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