Gear Envy

Jun 20, 2021

I seem to have a knack for choosing expensive hobbies. Photography is a prime example of that, where the sky is the limit in terms of how much certain gear costs. Every aspect of photography can be ridiculously expensive. Want a nice camera strap? $65 will get you one. Looking for telephoto lenses? Some of the nicest primes sell for $13,000!

As I've been getting back into photography, I've been voraciously watching related videos on YouTube. In so doing, I've found it super easy to get envious of the gear that some people have access to. I have to constantly remind myself that:

  1. Lots of the gear that people use (especially on YouTube) may have been provided by the manufacturer, in return for coverage on their channel.
  2. Many of the people on YouTube are professionals, where it makes sense to have nicer gear.
  3. Chasing better gear can become a never ending cycle, as camera bodies and lenses get better and better over time.

Good gear can certainly make things easier in photography, but the old adage that a poor craftsman blames his tools definitely applies. As a hobbyist, I want to take the best photos I can, but I also don't want to take out a mortgage to do so. Striking a balance between affordability and performance means having to do my homework when it comes to researching options.

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