Birding Photography

Jun 14, 2021
Barn swallow

Photography has long been a hobby of mine, but I haven't put much effort into it in the past few years. Happily, this has recently changed thanks to my relatively new birding hobby, which I've tangentially written about a couple of times. I'm taking more photos than I have in a long while, and it feels great to jump back into the hobby (as an aside, it's interesting how hobbies can ebb and flow with time; I haven't done much woodworking this year, but photography is filling the void).

I have started a new photo album cataloging the majority of the bird photos I've taken over the past six months or so. I plan to keep this album up to date as I take new photos, so check back every once in awhile to see what's new. I hope to post additional photos over the coming weeks in other new albums.

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