Adding Cut Support to AG Grid

Apr 30, 2021

AG Grid is the best JavaScript plugin I've ever worked with (I've been meaning to write about it, and I hope to soon). Oddly, one of the few features it doesn't support out of the box is clipboard support for cutting data with Ctrl + X. Copy and paste are provided, but cut support is not. Here's how I added support for this operation (we use the Enterprise variant at work, so this code is geared towards that flavor).

let gridOptions = {
    // ... other grid options ...
    'onCellKeyDown': function(e) {
        if(e.event.key == "x" && (e.event.ctrlKey || e.event.metaKey)) {
            e.api.getCellRanges().forEach(range => {
                let colIds = => col.colId);
                let startRowIndex = Math.min(
                let endRowIndex = Math.max(
                clearCells(startRowIndex, endRowIndex, colIds, e.api);

let div = document.querySelector("#my-grid");
g_MyGrid = new agGrid.Grid(div, gridOptions);

The clearCells function looks like the following, and handles actually resetting the value of the cell to some default value (I set mine to 0, since I'm working with numerical data):

function clearCells(start, end, columns, gridApi) {
    let itemsToUpdate = [];
    for(let i=start; i<=end; i++) {
        let data = gridApi.rowModel.rowsToDisplay[i].data;
        columns.forEach(column => {
            data[column] = "0";

    gridApi.applyTransaction({update: itemsToUpdate});


Gary Bishop

5:26 PM on Apr 30, 2021

Why not use the CUT event? (I've never done it but I think it would catch right click cuts as well as ^X)


6:14 PM on Apr 30, 2021

That's a good point, but it won't work in my circumstance. AG Grid provides its own context menu, and Cut is not one of the options. I suppose I could likely inject it as an option, but that seems like overkill to me.

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