Logitech M585 Wireless Mouse

Mar 30, 2021
I can no longer recommend this mouse; more in this post
Logitech M585 Wireless Mouse

Since late 2017, I've used the Logictech M705 Marathon wireless mouse at work. I loved everything about this mouse. It had great battery life, even when only using 1 AA battery (it supports two batteries for even longer life, at the expense of extra weight). The weight of the mouse with one battery was terrific; not too light and not too heavy. To top it all off, it had great extended button placement at my thumb, allowing me to quickly browse back and forward in my web browser with a quick click.

This past December, however, I started noting phantom double clicks when single clicking, a problem that quickly got annoying. Searching around the internet informed me that this is a common problem with Logitech mice, and is a sign that the physical switch under the left mouse button is failing. I immediately headed to Amazon to pick up another M705 when I discovered a ton of negative recent reviews. Apparently, Logitech has actually changed that product, dropping some features and cheapening the body, while keeping the same model number (how can any company rationalize doing this, by the way?).

Persuaded to stay away from the newer model, I opted instead for the Logitech M585. Having had this new mouse for a few months now, I'm fairly pleased. The mouse is smaller physically, and not as sculpted as the M705, which is a minor drawback to me (the M705 had a real nice feel in the hand). However, this new one still fits my hand well. Pointing accuracy is dead on. The 585 supports moving between multiple machines, but it requires external software (on both systems), and that was enough of a barrier that I didn't bother.

Time will tell if the mouse holds up to daily driving, but so far so good.

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1:31 PM on Apr 7, 2021

I've been using Logitech G602 for years (I've actually gone through two of them--the first one stopped working within its 2-year warranty and Logitech replaced it for me. Second one is going strong after about 2.5 years.). It is a "gaming" mouse but it's actually great for programming. It has eight customizable buttons--two on the edge of the left button, and six on the side where your thumb sits. I have them programmed so that buttons on the edge of pointer button are Undo/Redo, on the sides have have two mapped to standard forward/backwards, two mapped to find next (F3) and find previous (Ctrl+F3 in my IDEs). The other two are not used as much because I have to kind of curl my thumb to get to them, but they are mapped to paste and enter.

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