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Mar 12, 2021

I watch a lot of YouTube, and I do so across a couple of different platforms: via computers and via my phone. Watching on my phone through the YouTube app has, in recent months, become nearly unbearable. Ads roll constantly on nearly every video, with no easy way to avoid them. On my various laptop computers, I have the luxury of using uBlock Origin, which keeps those ads at bay. Not so on my mobile device.

I get that Google wants to monetize their platform (and that hosting videos is expensive), but the ads are now worse than commercial television! I guess the increase in ad frequency is intended to drive people towards signing up for YouTube premium. I'm too much of a cheapskate to spring for that service, especially given that it's $12 a month, which is 33% more than a basic Netflix account costs.

Are there ad-free ways of watching YouTube on mobile?



10:34 PM on Mar 12, 2021

Please give me an example YouTube URL that demonstrates the ads.


2:36 AM on Mar 13, 2021

I don't always see pre-roll ads, but this video has some for me throughout (you can see the breaks as yellow blips on the progress bar).


11:59 AM on Mar 13, 2021

No ads in Firefox focus.


1:15 PM on Mar 13, 2021

Interesting. I'll have to try watching from the browser. The native app works pretty well, save for the ads.

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