Answering My Own 5-Year Old Question

Feb 11, 2021

I ran into a problem at work today with a custom template tag I've written in a Django project. The tag works as follows:

{% if_has_team_role team "role_name_to_check" %}
<!-- block of HTML to be included if true goes here -->
<!-- otherwise, all of this is skipped -->
{% endif_has_team_role %}

I'm using a custom tag here, rather than a simple conditional, because the underlying check is more complicated than should be expressed at the template layer of my code. The problem came when I nested other conditionals in this block:

{% if_has_team_role team "role_name_to_check" %}
  {% if some_other_condition %}
    <!-- a nested element -->
  {% endif %}
{% endif_has_team_role %}

This setup was throwing an error. While searching for a solution to this issue, I stumbled upon this StackOverflow question. Reading the question, it matched the very problem I was having. At the end of the question, I noted that I was the original asker, 5 years ago; ha!

The solution I had accepted back when I asked this was, at best, a workaround. It turns out that a simple typo in the code was to blame, and fixing that typo solves the problem. It's a nice feeling to answer your own question, even if it takes five years to do it.

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