YouTube Railfanning

Dec 9, 2018

I've loved trains since I was a child, and it's a passion I never grew out of. In fact, one of the best parts of our trip to Switzerland last year was riding the rails, which we did each day. That is one of the (many!) reasons we wish to return to that fantastic country.

Here in the United States, train spotting (i.e. railfanning) primarily consists of watching freight traffic. As fun as it is to see a train in person, I have neither the time nor the inclination to get in my car and ride around chasing trains. To my good fortune, there are plenty of people on YouTube who do enjoy that pursuit and who film their efforts.

One of the best channels I've found to help me scratch that itch is Distant Signal Productions. Danny Harmon, based near Tampa, Florida, wonderfully narrates his railfan adventures. That he works in television is apparent, both from the professional voice-overs to the fantastic video editing. Here are two great introductory videos to his channel:

I learn quite a bit each time I watch one of his videos, and I enjoy it immensely. Another channel worth checking out is Delay in Block Productions, another very professional channel. This video on the Blue Ridge Southern Railroad was exceptionally shot, and fun to watch.



6:40 AM on Dec 8, 2021

Hello Born Geek,

Came across your page when I was looking for some information on Distant Signal's Dan Harmon. As you pointed out, it's evident this is a man who came from broadcasting with those plummy tones and skilful delivery. Since you mentioned you are a fan of Swiss railroads, I wonder if you are also familiar with the YouTube channel, "lorirocks777" which delivers great in-cab videos up to 4K and usually for the entire length of a run. If you are not familiar with the channel, I'm happy I was able to introduce it to someone else who is a fan of Swiss rail travel.


12:42 PM on Dec 8, 2021

Yes, I'm a big fan of that channel (I think I've even featured it here on the site). Railway Emotions is another terrific Swiss rail channel that I follow.

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