Torchlight 2 Review

Oct 9, 2012

Back in 2009, I reviewed the original Torchlight. Now that the sequel is out, I thought I'd post a few brief thoughts on it as well. Note that I've only played the single-player aspect of this game so far (oddly enough, that's the kind of gaming I prefer). In short, not only does this game blow the original out of the water, it comes close (in my opinion) to doing the same to Diablo 2, which is my favorite action-RPG of all time.

The Good

Bigger Maps
The maps in Torchlight 2 are so much larger than in the first game, that it's ridiculous. There are tons of places to explore, including some sub-dungeons that are completely optional! Make sure you explore every nook and cranny; you might otherwise miss something awesome.
Level Randomization
The randomization of each level is mind blowing. I currently have five characters I'm playing (I've finished the game with two of them so far), and in every play through I've seen something different. And I'm not just talking about level layout; I've actually seen different set pieces every time I've played! Finding new stuff is always a thrill.
Great Graphics
I've seen lots of people complain about the look of this game, but I love it. Sure it may look "cartoony," but that's part of the charm. It's different. And it runs really well on my aging computer, which is always a plus.
New Classes
This time around there are four new classes to play. Although they share some features with the original game's classes, for the most part they are all unique and different. How you play each will change drastically, depending on the build you develop over time. There's a ton of re-playability right here alone! As of this writing, I've completed the game with the Berserker and the Engineer. I'm currently playing as an Embermage, and will try out the Outlander (which looked to be the weakest class) last.
It's still only $20!

The Bad

No Respecs
Unfortunately, you can only respec the last three skills you've earned at any given time (for a price!). This makes it very easy to paint yourself into a corner with a lousy character build. Being able to respec all of my character's skills would be great, so I could try different builds on the fly. Hopefully someone will improve this situation when the modding tools are released.
Weak Story (Again)
The storyline in this game is pretty weak (as it was in the first one), and isn't as clear as it should be. I wasn't expecting much, though, so this is a minor gripe.

The Verdict

Torchlight 2 is a fantastic game, and has more fun-per-dollar baked in than any other game on the market. At only $20, the only question worth asking is why wouldn't you buy this game? A+

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