Target Weight Acheived!

Published on July 16, 2012

Back in June of 2010, I began tracking my weight using the Libra app for Android. For those who don’t recall, this app uses some of the tracking ideas presented in The Hacker’s Diet, a fantastic (and free!) weight loss book.

Over the weekend, I finally got the trend line to dip below my target weight for the first time! Here’s a snapshot of the latest chart:

New Weight Chart

This new goal line is slightly modified from my original goal, which can be seen in the old chart:

Old Weight Chart

As you can see, I used to be up in the “overweight” section for someone my height; now I’m down into the “normal” range! I cannot recommend this app highly enough. Simply tracking my weight has been a useful tool in helping me to get a little healthier. Hopefully it can help others out there as well!



What scale did you use to track your weight? My bathroom spring scale measures 25 pounds more than the balance scale at the doctor’s office.


I have a “Health-o-meter” scale (model HDM770DQ-05). It’s nothing fancy, but seems to be reasonably accurate. I’m not terribly concerned with accuracy though; as long as you are using the same scale, tracking your weight will show you your weight trends.

That said, a 25 pound error margin seems like a lot.


Thanks. I’ll try a digital scale.

I lost 15 pounds with 15 pounds to go until my goal 🙂


Congratulations! I’ve found that tracking my weight every day helps me to stay on target. It’s a very helpful tool.

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