High-Res Photos in Monkey Album

May 1, 2010

I have just updated Monkey Album yet again, this time adding support for displaying high-res versions of individual images. This feature will typically be used to link to large panoramic photos that I take. Previously, I had to do this by hand, linking to an image manually in the caption. The old way was rife with problems; this new implementation is much better (and more portable!).

All of my previous panoramic photo entries have been updated to use this new feature. You'll note a new link area just above these pictures now. Simply click it to view the high-resolution version of that image. I'm hoping this implementation is clear enough to the lay-user. If you have suggestions for improvement let me know. You'll also probably need to refresh your cached stylesheet if you've visited my photos page recently (otherwise the new style won't show up properly).

Here's a listing of the current images now using this feature:

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