Recommended LCDs?

Jul 12, 2010

Exactly five years ago today, I bought a used NEC 22" monitor for my personal computer at home. It has served me well for that time, but I've seen it act up a time or two recently. Seeing as LCD technology has progressed much over the past few 5 years, I feel like it's finally time to bite the bullet and join the mainstream. As such, I'm starting the hunt for a new display. Here's what I want:

  • Real Estate: I run 1600 x 1200 at home, and I'd like to stay in that neighborhood
  • Fast Response Times: The display would primarily be used for gaming, so fast response times are a requirement.
  • Vibrant Colors: Some LCD displays have pretty weak white-balance; I want something with nice color reproduction, since I'll also be doing occasional photo editing.

Does anyone here have any recommendations on brands or where to start looking? Is there a model or manufacturer you've been happy with? Any ideas would be appreciated!



9:38 PM on Jul 19, 2010
I've used Acer monitors for years and currently use two H243H, 24" widescreens. Stunning Res at 1920x1080; brilliant brightness & color; has HDMI, DVI & VGA; Built in speakers; 3 year warranty & less than $250. Beautiful black high gloss finish too.


12:21 AM on Aug 28, 2010
I'm gonna post a few possibilities I've found, so that I don't forget. Dell UltraSharp U2410 - Very expensive but looks great (and has great reviews) ASUS VW246H - Great gaming LCD with good reviews, affordable

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