Mapping North Carolina’s State Parks

Mar 12, 2010

I may or may not have mentioned before that I have a goal of visiting and photographing every state park in North Carolina. As a precursor to setting out on that goal, I have created a map of state park locations. Each location uses GPS coordinates provided by the state park service. Now that I have a GPS device that uses Google Maps (a Motorola Droid; review coming soon!), I figured this would be a terrific way to make it easy for me to get driving directions to certain locations.

While looking through all of the official state park pages, I learned a number of interesting facts:

  • Four state parks require entrance fees out of the 39 parks in the state. They include Jordan Lake, Kerr Lake, Falls Lake, and Chimney Rock.
  • Two state parks do not have public access or public facilities at this time: Mayo River State Park and Haw River State Park.
  • One state park can only be accessed by taking a ferry: Hammocks Beach State Park.

The location markers on the map I've created are currently being used by me to keep track of where I've been. However, the map is publicly available, so feel free to use it to navigate to any of the state's parks. If you have any suggestions on how the map could be improved, feel free to leave a comment. I'd like for this to be a helpful resource for people.

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