Google Reader Usage?

Nov 25, 2009

How many people here use Google Reader to follow RSS feeds? I use it as my primary surfing mechanism now, and I'm curious as to how many others use it. Although it has some quirks, I've gotten used to it. Google Reader has made surfing the 'net way more efficient, so much so that I often look for new sites to troll. If you do indeed use Reader, let me know if you'd like to friend me up. I share stories on the service routinely.



4:58 PM on Nov 25, 2009
I've been using it since I started using RSS/Atom feeds, which I think was around when I added a feed to my blog (about four years ago). In those four years, not too much has changed except the ability to share items with contacts. I think that's kinda Google's thing: make a really great initial release but then don't spend any effort evolving it (*cough* Gmail *cough*). I've followed you, and you can follow me back but I usually don't share things. I tried it for a while, but my problem is that I don't want to share something until after I read it, and I never actually read things in Google Reader (except a few comics). I'm not enamored with it, but I'm used to it. It's web-based, which is a must-have for me so I can read new stuff from any computer. I don't like that it only keeps 30 days of read/unread history, so if I leave something for a month it gets forgotten (you can still scroll down to see it if you click "all items", but it loses the "unread" flag). I also wish they'd just give a list of titles so I could just middle click on the ones I want to read. Right now I have to click the title to expand it, then my browser pauses for a half-second while ajax retrieves the snippet, then I middle click on the title, then I click on the thing to collapse the entry. And of course if the entry has a full summary, sometimes it causes the preview pane to scroll when expanding or collapsing the item, which means I have to move the mouse all over the screen when I could simply click on a list of titles. This makes it a little impractical to subscribe to a feed that publishes dozens of items per day (i.e. news sites like CNN or Joystiq) when you only want to skim the titles.


9:36 PM on Nov 25, 2009
Do you use the keyboard shortcuts to navigate stories? [J] and [K] are used to scroll through them, and you can use [Space] to go to the next unread story once you've gone through all of them for the current feed. Very handy.

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