October’s Popular Posts

Oct 31, 2009

I've been looking at my visitor statistics for this website (as I always do), and I thought I'd share some interesting information. The most popular posts at this website are surprising to me, and I'm not sure I could have guessed which ones were at the top. Here are the top five posts for the month of October:

  1. Batch File Exit Codes - 741 views
  2. Using NTP on a Private Network - 260 views
  3. Fixing Broken HTML Document Icons - 169 views
  4. Firefox 3.5 Slow to Start - 162 views
  5. Thoughts on Mint.com - 151 views

I find it quite bizarre that my article on batch file exit codes is at the top of the list; and by quite a large margin! Apparently, there are a lot of people out there confused about this subject (and rightly so). Also, I never would have guessed that setting up NTP was popular enough to even register. But there it is coming in at number 2! Some of the other articles are less surprising: Firefox 3.5 being slow is an obvious search (since it is indeed slow ... though it's gotten better with subsequent releases). And Mint.com seems to be gaining in popularity around the web, so I can understand people looking for reviews on the service.

I've always enjoyed looking at site stats and, while this website doesn't see near the traffic that its sister Born Geek does, it's enjoyable to see that my articles are indeed being read.



8:53 PM on Oct 31, 2009
Look at the search queries that bring people to your site, there are probably a few particular ways of phrasing the query that brings up your site pretty high. The weird Google query that consistently brings people to my site is "violent art", due to some posts I made where I uploaded drawings from middle school. :-/


3:04 AM on Nov 1, 2009
Here are the top 10 search phrases for October (along with the count for each): 1. mint.com security (50) 2. cnn redesign (35) 3. favorite xkcd (25) 4. half life lore (19) 5. batch file exit (15) 6. firefox title text bug (15) 7. end of the office (14) 8. batch file error code (14) 9. return error code from batch file (14) 10. perl cookies (13) And here are the top 5 keywords: 1. batch (393) 2. code (384) 3. firefox (323) 4. file (271) 5. exit (242) 6. error (170) 7. return (169) 8. to (125) 9. slow (107) 10. bat (97)

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