Animation: Not Just For Kids

Sep 9, 2009

A recent newspaper review for the new computer animated movie 9 warned that the movie isn't necessarily kid-friendly, and that young children will most likely be scared from the post apocalyptic setting. Shouldn't the PG-13 rating indicate that kids under 13 probably shouldn't be watching it anyway? Why does the reviewer jump to the conclusion that, because it's animated, the movie is for kids? It frustrates me that Americans think animation belongs solely to children. The medium should be taken way more seriously than it is. Foreign films like Princess Mononoke (another PG-13 film) are proof that animation can be used successfully for adult topics. Someone out there needs to buck the current trend and develop an animated movie purely for adults; maybe something that's rated R. Though I can only imagine all the angry parents complaining that the movie was "too adult" for their kids.

Why can't Americans just grow up?

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11:57 PM on Sep 9, 2009
I saw that article and thought the same thing!

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