Monkey Album Updates

Jul 20, 2009

I have made a few updates to Monkey Album. The first and most obvious update is that it now matches the new theme used here at Year of the Code Monkey. Not only are the styles different, but some of the underlying markup has been improved as well. The second big change is a clever implementation of image navigation. I got this idea via a nice implementation demo. Using purely CSS, the user now has a nice means of browsing through full-size album images.

One final change is that Monkey Album no longer supports Internet Explorer 6. Seeing as other big sites are dropping support, I am glad to do so as well. IE 6 visitors will be shown a notice, rather than the photo albums, and must upgrade to view my photos. For those of you who still use IE 6, please get with the times. Even IE 7 is a major step up (and IE 8 is now out).

I may drop IE 6 support on this website altogether, but I'm holding off on that for now. The new theme looks horrible in IE 6; (I tested it out this morning). I probably won't put any serious effort into fixing those issues at this time.

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