Firefox 3.5

Jun 30, 2009

The latest and greatest version of Firefox is now available. There are a lot of new features and fixes in this release, including HTML 5 support, the new TraceMonkey JavaScript engine, Private Browsing, and lots more.

Both CoLT and Googlebar Lite are compatible with the new release, so make sure you're up to date with both.



5:29 PM on Jun 30, 2009
you can always tell when a major release of firefox is coming out because all of your extensions will tell you they need to be updated at the same time!


5:32 PM on Jun 30, 2009
oh wait, firebug hasn't been updated for 3.5 yet, and i can't live without firebug!


6:52 PM on Jun 30, 2009
I thought the same thing, Kip. Thankfully, Firebug 1.4 Beta 3 has support for 3.5 and that's what I installed. So far, so good.


1:49 AM on Jul 1, 2009
yeah, i just installed 3.5 on my home PC, where i'm not as dependent on firebug. when i said to update, it told me firebug would be incompatible and there were no updates for it, but after upgrading FF found the 1.4b3 release of firebug. not sure what is going on there...

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