Brand New Look

May 20, 2009

Born Geek has been given a new set of clothes! The old design was, quite frankly, an eyesore. This new layout is simpler, cleaner, and much easier on the eyes. Gravatar support has been added. And visitors using Firefox 3+ get extra eye candy (so switch today)! Not everything is complete in this new theme, so expect to see minor tweaks and fixes over the next few days. It's been tested in Firefox and IE 7. Your mileage may vary in anything else. As always, let me know what you think and if you stumble upon any bugs.

Also note that you may have to force a refresh if you visited the site recently, so as to pick up the new style sheet!



1:51 AM on May 31, 2009
Honestly like the old layout better, but maybe it's just get used to it thing. You need a logo. Tabs with text header looks like some sort of default layout that you get in a box.


2:53 AM on May 31, 2009
I agree that a logo would be an improvement. I'll try to whip something up, but don't get your hopes up; I'm not very artistic. :)

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