iPod Dock Recommendations?

Apr 27, 2009

I have lots of music that I like to listen to, and I sometimes want to listen to it while lounging around my living room. The most convenient (and obvious) way to access my music is through my iPod, which houses my entire collection. At the moment, I don't have a way to play my music in the living room (besides busting out my headphones, which I don't always feel like doing).

Does anyone have recommendations for how I might go about doing this? I don't want the music to play through the TV (I'm willing to buy external speakers). A user friendly interface would be beneficial as well (maybe a way to change tracks, volume, etc from the couch?).

What does everyone else do?



4:59 PM on Apr 27, 2009
Do you have a laptop? That would be the most obvious solution to me, as long as you've synced all your songs to the laptop.


7:03 PM on Apr 27, 2009
I do have a laptop, but it's the one I use at work (and I don't have my music synced with it).

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