Good Times in The Office

Mar 27, 2009

The Office has really seen a resurgence in quality over the past several weeks. I lamented once before about a perceived downward spiral for the show, but tonight's episode was a real throwback to the good old days of seasons 2 and 3. Other recent episodes have been equally as strong, making the show a joy to watch again. Michael's tension with his new boss Charles is truly palpable, allowing the viewer to share those awkward moments that made the early seasons so fun.

It looks as if the writers are setting things up for a huge season finale. We get to see Ryan for the first time in a while in the next episode (which is two weeks from tonight), and hilarity should ensue as Michael and Pam set out to start a new paper company. Will Michael hire Ryan as an employee in his new company? Could Holly make another appearance at the end of the season? Will the folks at Dunder-Mifflin realize that, despite his antics, Michael Scott is the right man for their company?

I can't wait to find out.



1:00 PM on Mar 27, 2009
This episode bugged me because, inevitably, Michael will be back as the manager of the office, otherwise the show is broken. And as much as I suspend disbelief for this show, I don't think any company would ever hire him back after all those antics. And Pam following him was just crazy, although she is the only one who seems to have dreams for her life as big as Michael. (Like the whole art school thing.. there is a nice arc with her character that she really wants to do more.) I did like Michael's realization that finding a job is going to be really hard right now, and I expected that the episode was going to turn into Michael begging for his job back, so I was happy that they surprised me and he continued to go through with it.


1:17 AM on Mar 28, 2009
You make a valid point. However, it would be interesting if they took the show in the direction that the British version of The Office did. In it, the Michael Scott character (played by Ricky Gervais) ends up losing his job and doesn't get it back. Maybe they want to do something similar? I agree that Pam's involvement is weird, though I guess it sets up for some tension between her and Jim in the long run. What I'm looking forward to most is Kevin taking over reception, while Stanley becomes the productivity czar. I believe there are only 4 episodes left this season; the guy playing Charles only signed up to do six episodes, and last night's was his second.

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