Wanted: PDA for Shopping

Jan 2, 2009

I was in the grocery store last night cursing the paper shopping list I had written out. The list had grown messy from scratching out stuff I had already picked up, and items weren't organized in any fashion, resulting in my backtracking across the store three or four times. So I got thinking about how this is a perfect solution for a PDA. I want a PDA that:

  • Can handle customized shopping lists, saving entered items for future use (perfect for groceries)
  • Can organize said list into categories
  • Has a user-friendly interface
  • Is not an iPhone

Does anyone have any suggestions on what might fit the bill? I'm not terribly interested in using it to do any networking; I mainly want something that can handle data input and the like. Ideally, the device would be affordable, but I'm willing to explore most avenues. Any and all suggestions would be appreciated.



4:43 AM on Jan 2, 2009
Maybe an iPod Touch? ;-)


1:47 PM on Jan 2, 2009
I thought about getting an iPod touch a while back when I got my iPod classic, but the largest flavor (at least at the time) was 16 GB. For nearly the same price, I got 80 GB of storage. If they'd offer a model larger than 16 GB, I might seriously go for one.


7:00 PM on Jan 26, 2009
Palm Treo 650 (or greater). You can test/install MANY excellent programs (freeware or paid) to do what want, plus, of course, more. I've had my Treo for a number of years, and cannot do without it. You could go strictly with something like a $99 Palm PDA, but why carry two things around? I've thought about going Windows Mobile, but cannot justify doing it because of all the drawbacks I would face... My $0.02. :-) BTW, great site, and I LOVE your FireFox extensions!

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