Blast From the Past

Sep 22, 2008

I've recently been looking for a few new computer games to play. Seeing as there's nothing on the immediate horizon that suits my fancy, I decided to dig into my existing computer game collection for something I hadn't played in a while. The first title that popped up was Microsoft's Rise of Nations, the one and only real-time strategy (RTS) game that I own. I'm not a big fan of the RTS genre, mostly because I'm really terrible at those types of games, and the only reason I own one is because my dad got it for free at a Microsoft conference. Surprisingly to me, it's a fun little game. As I've already said, I stink at RTS games, so even playing on the 2nd (of 7) difficulty levels still presents quite a challenge. But I have fun playing the game, and that's what matters.

As much fun as I was having, there was still an itch that I couldn't scratch. Thanks to some recent Diablo III screenshots I found via a news posting on Blue's News, it occurred to me: I needed a good-ol' role-playing game (RPG) to play. So I dug through my still-boxed computer games (which I never unpacked), and found my old copy of Sacred. It's a Diablo-like RPG and was just what I was looking for. While perusing the Wikipedia article on the game, I noted that an expansion pack had been released, something that I originally had not picked up. A 'gold' edition of the game had later been released, including the original game along with the expansion. I saw it for sale on Amazon for $25.99, which seemed a little high, considering I already owned the base game. Thankfully, the game is also available on Steam for a paltry $9.99. I was sold, immediately bought the game, and I'm already having a blast (and I'm looking forward to all the new content).

Score another win for the Steam platform.

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