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Jun 5, 2008

I have added a new section to the sidebar of this site, showing the most recent comments posted here. Hopefully, this will help foster further discussion on older topics (which occasionally get comments). This new feature comes via the aptly named Recent Comments WordPress plug-in. I'm quite impressed with the customization options available, and installation was a snap.

Does anyone have any recommendations for how the recent comments list should appear? Plenty of options are available, including an excerpt preview of each comment. I tried several options out, but I'm not sure what visitors would find most useful.

Your suggestions would be appreciated.



2:52 AM on Jun 6, 2008
I usually only view your site from permalinks from your RSS feed, so I actually never see the sidebar.


12:21 PM on Jun 9, 2008
I like the way it is now. Completely unrelated, but I'll be home in a month!!! I want a burrito the size of my head...


4:29 PM on Jun 9, 2008
Do they know what Joey Bags are in Japan?


5:25 PM on Jun 9, 2008
Haha ... probably not. Han': when you get back, we'll have to hit up Bandido's, so you can conquer El Gigante.

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