Rounded Corners in Firefox 3

Mar 25, 2008

For some time now, Firefox has supported an experimental CSS technique for rounding border corners (-moz-border-radius). The rendering engine in Firefox 2 does a barely acceptable job with this, though the rounded corners don't appear to be uniformly sized, nor are they anti-aliased. Cairo, which drives the rendering engine in Firefox 3, does a much better job at handling the rounded corners, and the results are quite nice.

As such, I'm offering some 'eye-candy' to those users who visit this site with either Minefield or a Firefox 3 beta build. Those users will now note that code blocks (pre elements), as well as comment blocks, have nicely rounded edges. The end result looks great, and I hope you agree.



7:38 PM on Mar 25, 2008
Nice. I thought CSS already had that feature for some reason, but I guess not.


9:51 PM on Mar 25, 2008
The CSS3 spec has a border-radius property, but no one supports it yet. There are a few other browsers that offer experimental support, and they use a similar prefix strategy to target just their platform (like the -moz prefix for Gecko based browsers).


8:01 AM on May 30, 2008
The border-radius other than Gecko browsers is for Safari 3 (Opera use to have support temporarily with their -o) you use -webkit for it.

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