CoLT Improvements Coming Soon

Nov 4, 2008

I'm currently working on some updates to CoLT:

  • Ability to include a link's title attribute text in copied results
  • Ability to include the current page title in copied results

With any luck, a new release will show up here in a few weeks (it will take some time for the translators to make all the necessary changes). Do you have a feature you'd like to see? Let me know!

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10:02 AM on Nov 24, 2008
I'm a new user of firefox CoLT extention and I feel it really handy. A functionality is missing me from CoLT, is to get current page and title in the desired format. Maybe could be accessible from right click on the page background. For information the format I use is [%T->%U] for the SPIP CMS ( Thank for your work. Benoît
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