Going to Netflix

Oct 5, 2008

One of the decisions I made before I moved into my new house was to not sign up for cable television (though RoadRunner was a requirement). Instead, I've decided to watch television over the air. This will fulfill nearly all of my television watching needs: The Simpsons, The Office, Pushing Daisies, the news, PBS, etc. Right now, I've got an old, tiny CRT television hooked up to some rabbit ears. The reception is shoddy, the picture blurry, and things are generally bad. Hopefully, switching to digital television will fix this (more on this in an upcoming post).

Instead of cable television, I'm going to try out Netflix. I've heard great things about it from various people, and it's way cheaper than paying Time-Warner (in the neighborhood of $40 or $50 cheaper a month). And interestingly enough, I see reports of people dropping cable for Netflix around the web (in a number of product reviews at Amazon, for example). There are a literal ton of movies that I've never seen, and it's high time to catch up. Plus, I'm eager to catch up on some old television shows that I enjoy (MAS*H, Cheers, and Frasier to name a few). Just as soon as I can pick up a DVD player (and possibly a new television), I'll sign up.

Do you use Netflix? If so, what do you think?



11:00 PM on Oct 5, 2008
You know how much I like Netflix, so I won't go on about that. But recently Netflix added over 1,000 (soon to be 2,500) "watch instantly" movies. For those who don't know, the "watch instantly" movies are streaming movies you can watch on your computer. These 1,000+ movies added are fairly recent (and good) movies. Some include: "Spider-ManTM 3," "Ratatouille," "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End," "Superbad," and "No Country for Old Men". I watch some of these on my computer, but mostly I hook my laptop up to my TV and display them there. They are not DVD quality, but they are just fine for me, for something I want to watch now. And coming later this fall, I'll be able to watch these streaming netflix movies through my Xbox 360. This will be free for me, since I'm already a Gold member through Xbox.


12:31 PM on Oct 6, 2008
We take somewhat the opposite approach. We have cable TV and watch a lot of it (my wife especially watches a lot), but in the summer when everything is in reruns we sign up for Netflix. We've found that we can easily watch every decent movie from the last year in four months. (But we don't really use it to watch TV shows.) I know some people that use Netflix basically as a replacement for cable--they just stay a season behind every show. Be sure to let us know how well digital over-the-air programming works, especially HD over-the-air content.


12:46 PM on Oct 6, 2008
I'll be sure to report back to you once I've got everything set up.


1:28 PM on Oct 6, 2008
HD over the air is outstanding. I'm pretty sure most of the HD content is 720p and it looks great. Most good shows and movies are shown in HD these days. I used to have a basic digital cable package, and for prime time , I would switch to my TV antenna to watch the shows I liked. I couldn't see myself paying extra for a HD cable package, when HD is free over the air. Like Jonah, all the main shows I watch were on network television. There are only a few cable networks I miss now that I don't have cable, but those few stations are definitely not worth 50-75+ bucks a month. Another thing is that a good amount of these networks are showing their popular shows online now, for free. Sometimes early in the day on the weekend it is hard to find something to watch on over the air TV, but that's when Netflix and "get out and do something" comes handy.


2:07 PM on Oct 6, 2008
I've never heard of this "get out and do something" that you speak of. It sounds so interesting!

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