Diablo III Preview

Jun 30, 2008

On Saturday, Blizzard officially announced Diablo III, the next in the highly popular role-playing game series. Although the first Diablo was fun, it was Diablo II that put the series into the upper echelons of gaming. It has been over 7 years since the one and only expansion pack for Diablo II was released, enabling the game to run at 800x600 instead of a paltry 640x480 (those were the days).

I highly recommend the game play trailer on the official website (linked above). One of Blizzard's employees shows a number of new game mechanics (destructible environments that you can use to your advantage), as well as one of the new playable classes (the witch doctor, which looks super cool). I am super excited about this title, and I'll definitely be picking it up once it's released. Blizzard, like Valve, seldom disappoints with their releases, and this is one to definitely watch.

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